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Fix Your Mindset

Everything we do requires the use of our brains.  And your brain is not just conscious thought.  There’s a subsconcious aspect to the way your mind operates and your subconscious is IN CONTROL!  I know…we always try to convince ourselves that we control our world, and to a point we do.  But what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak is much more important than what we actually do.  Because the belief or lack of belief that we harbor within our minds really determines how successful we will be in our endeavors.

Let me ask you a question.  Have you got a number of products on your hard drive that you purchased with the intent of making a bunch of sales, BUT…they end up taking up disk space and collecting digital dust because (insert reason here).  I know I do!  The reasons are numerous, but in the end it all boils down to what you have in your mind. You determine whether you’re successful or not.  It’s always easier to point the finger at someone or something else, but with the exception of the product actually being defective, it comes down to you.  Other people are making money with it, so why aren’t you?

Below, I have linked to a YouTube video that is simply GREAT!  There are three well known personalities within this video that I’m sure you’ll recognize…Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese.  The video is NOT short (about 40 minutes overall).  But it is worth every moment you’ll spend watching it.  Grab a cup of coffee, a soda or a glass of water.  Get comfortable and click play.  You’ll be glad you did.

To your success!


PS:  If you don’t have time to watch the video now, bookmark this page (<Ctrl+D>) so you can come back when it’s more convenient.  If you’d like to take a look at a product that can help you change your mindset, just Click Here.

Have a successful day!  🙂

What’s Your Why?

What’s your why?

That always seems like such a strange question to folks.  But in reality, it is the very essence of success in any endeavor.  If you have a strong focus on why you’re working towards something, your probability of success is greatly enhanced.

Suppose you’re starting a new business.  You’ve chosen a product, a location (either brick and mortar or on the web), found sourcing at a favorable price, determined where you need to set the selling price to be competitive and yet still get a decent profit.  Basically, you have all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed.  But… Why are you doing it in the first place?  Is your only goal money?  If so, you probably need to do something else.  Everyone can find a way to make money.  From the kid that opens a lemonaide stand to the guy that starts a restaurant franchise…they all found a way to make money.

What’s the difference between Whya local burger joint and the national franchise?  Usually, assuming that both are successful, it’s the size of the dream that the person who started it has in his mind. If the local fellow thought, “I want to start a restaurant that serves good food at a fair price that can make my patrons happy and want to come back”, he might be very successful.  But his dream is rather limited.  He might have good food, happy customers and a fair amount of repeat business.  He would be labeled a success.

But then you have the man who dreams of having an ultra-successful restaurant, with food that is on par with the best in the world, and who dreams of turning it into a franchise that will allow many people to duplicate his success and with happy customers nationwide or perhaps even worldwide, and that because of his ‘product’, hundreds of thousands of people have a good job with unlimited potential.  If he achieves what he wants, he’ll certainly be labeled a success, and many people will benefit from his dream.

Both have achieved success, but the scale is very different.  The ‘product’ is virtually the same.  But the results are massively different because of the dream.  Because of the answer to the question, “What is your why?”

I’m not saying that one was not as successful as the other.  Both achieved what they were looking for.  But the overall level of their success was determined by their ‘Why’.

So, you can be successful.  You can be ultra-successful.  But the determining factor on whether or not you succeed and how great a success you are able to achieve is quite likely your answer to “What is your why?”

The human mind is truly amazing.  It can envision things that have never been done before.  It was the human mind that came up with the airplane, the automobile, space flight, the computer, and every other thing that has made improvements to our lives.  Someone imagined it before it was created.  But to make it go from just a thought to actual existence, it required an individual to focus on his ‘why’ in order to progress from just a simple dream to reality.

As you dream about your next product, physical or digital, you need to decide ‘why’.  Why do I want to do this?  Why will it make a difference in people’s lives?  Why would they want to buy it or use it.  Why…?

If you dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Take some time to dream.  You can create something awesome if you dream big enough and you have a ‘why’ to make you push forward when everyone around you expresses doubt.

You can do it!

So again, I’ll aks you…What’s your why?

To your success…


Millionaire Within

Have you ever heard the name E. Brian Rose? Here’s a hint…he’s the co-founder of JVZoo…one of the largest affiliate networks in the world.  Chances are you have a dashboard on JVZoo if you have purchased anything having to do with internet marketing in the last few years.

Well, Brian has written a book entitled ‘Millionaire Within’ which details how he went from being an affiliate to where he is today.  It’s not one of those books you’re so used to seeing…the ones on how to become wealthy in your underwear…but instead gives all the details of his journey, good and bad.  (Yep!  That’s right!  He didn’t get there buy purchasing a Magic  Button!)

Book Photo

Another thing that makes this one different is that it is a physical book.  You’ll still have access to a digital version, but if you’re like me, you miss being able to curl up with a book, read it in the bathtub without worrying about getting water on it, and without fear of your battery going dead!

You might want to consider checking this one out.  It’s not often that someone in the I.M. niche offers to give you the whole story on how he got there.  There will also be an On Demand training on how to build authority (which is getting more important daily to make sales on the web!).

Don’t miss this one.  And enjoy holding a book in your hands again!  LOL

Click here to get ‘Millionaire Within’.

To your success,

Bernard Moye

More Traffic by Writing?

Everyone in the internet marketing niche always seems to be in the hunt for more traffic. Makes sense, right? If you want to sell anything online, you have to get eyes on your offer in order to make a sale. Sooooo…how do you go about getting that traffic?

One obvious method is paid traffic. That’s what the ‘big guns’ use, and for good reason. It works! When you have a proven sales funnel and have the analytics to show what your conversion rate is, paid traffic makes a lot of sense. You can calculate ahead of time what your approximate return will be if you pay for 500 clicks to your funnel. But…if you’re rather new to this market and you don’t have pretty solid statistics for your sales funnel, paid traffic can be a quick way to disaster. Check with the search engines and see what clicks for given key words in the IM space cost and you will see that it is critical that you know what you’re doing before running a paid campaign.

If you find yourself with more time than money, you probably will want to go the slower route and write articles and blog posts to build the traffic to your site and thus, your offers.

CC BY by rgieseking

Writing blog posts with good content and rich in keywords will make your site show up better in the search engines. Don’t go nuts and write sentences that don’t make a lot of sense just filling them with keywords. Write something that people will want to read. Remember that anything that is read and liked by people will build your traffic and credibility because it will get shared. It you write for the search engines, you will eventually get slapped. Google changes their algorithms rather frequently and when they do, you really don’t want your site to show up in their sights! The results are never good when that happens.

You can build the inbound links to your site by posting short articles with solid content on sites that allow article submission. Your signature should always include your site URL. Write good content and people will click through to your site to get more.

Writing articles is truly one of the best ways to promote your site. You’ll build trust and credibility and start the relationships that are so critical in the online marketplace. Articles are a great way to get your name out there and let people get to know you and your areas of expertise.

Other bloggers and marketers are always looking for good articles for their sites and newsletters. By allowing others to publish your content free of charge, you’ll increase your reach within the community and build a brand through your name. Your materials that you submit need to fit the category and terms of the sites to whom you’re submitting them. It the site is focused on affiliate marketing, it is unlikely that they want to publish something on product creation. So stay on topic!

I’m sure that you have heard “Google loves content” from the SEO folks. It’s true and will help your SEO. But who you really need to please is your human visitors. The content might make Google happy enough to boost your position, but if you don’t make your readers happy, they won’t return. And the aim is to have a flow of visitors that keep coming back. The ones that visit often will eventually be the source of your income. Your customers are those who have come to know, like and trust you and that is why they purchase from you. You know how your email inbox gets inundated with the latest product on launch day, but the one you end up buying from is the one you have gotten to know, like and trust.  Hmmm…sounds kind of familiar, huh?

Posting lots of articles on many web sites around the world will cause you rank higher on search engines because of your link popularity. Those links in the resource boxes back to your site will make a difference in search engine ranking.

So, to sum it all up… if you need traffic and sales, write articles. If you want to improve you credibility and brand, write articles. And an added benefit is that the more you do it, the easier it becomes to do so!

To your success…


“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely” – Auguste Rodin

CanvaKala Test

Late last week, a new plugin was released called CanvKala.  I got approved as an affiliate and started promoting it here in my blog.  I made a promise early on that I wouldn’t promote stuff just to promote it, but only when I felt a product could help you in your business building.  And this one is no different.

If you’ve been using WordPress for any time, you know that it’s image editing is about as limited as can be.  I’m not bashing WordPress, because it truly is a remarkable tool that lets non-technical folks build a site and a business without having to get a degree in computer science or pay the Earth for a programmer to build their web pages.  But its  image handling capabilities leave a lot to be desired.

I haven’t had a lot of images on my blog for that very reason!  When I start writing a post, I don’t really want to be bouncing back and forth to get it done.  Distractions are my worst enemy!  And saving a  post as a draft while I go out to find a public domain image and the taking it into Photo-Paint or CorelDRAW to make it the way I want it…  Let’s just say that it makes it unlikely that I’ll get the post done in any kind of reasonable time frame.

When I saw the promotional video for CanvaKala, I thought, “Wow!  I can use that and not be spending my day bouncing from one website to the next and one software to the next just to get a post up with some images!”  So…I purchased it.  🙂

Today, I want to put a couple of images in this post to see what I can do with them and give you an idea of how the CanvaKala plugin might benefit you.  Here goes…

Let me know if you think this is something that might help you.  Please note that the price I put in the modified image has no relation to anything…it just popped into my head!  😉

Have a great day!

CC BY by aotaro


CC BY by aotaro

List Building – Part 2

Hi, again –

The other day, I talked a bit about list building and the importance of it to your long success.  Today, I want to take it just a step further with regard to one of the giveaway programs.  Currently, I have links to 3 of them in the sidebar on the right side of this page.  But I wish to expand a little on one of them.  Below you will see one of the email swipes that they provide contributors to promote the giveaway.  I’m putting it in this post because the FREE VIDEOS that are talked about in the copy are actually pretty good!  I haven’t viewed them all…just a small sample of what’s included, but the ones I have viewed actually are quite good at step-by-step training on different topics involved in putting up and adjusting a WordPress site and all the details involved in doing that.  Perhaps you’re already an expert at WordPress, but if you’re not, there is a lot of really good information in those videos.  The topics range from helping you with your organizational skills, to using FTP, to installing WordPress with Fantastico (which is being discontinued in some hosting services) or other scripts, to installing WordPress manually (not as hard as it sounds…but also not quite ‘push button’ operation either).

Included is a tutorial on product creation, all the way from a simple PDF report to creating a simple but effective sales funnel.

I think you might find this worthwhile if you have any issues when it comes to TECH stuff.  And after all, it is FREE!

Your 100% free downloads to 100’s of internet
marketing products are ready!

Check out these FREE 150+ Training Videos to download!  ***LINKED SITE HAS EXPIRED***

Simply access the link and start downloading
right away!


This will uncover some Internet Marketing
treasures that I am sure you will like.


To your online success,
Bernard Moye

Succeeding with Facebook Traffic

Sooo… The launch ended and the price did go up to $97.  So what?  Sure, it costs more than when it first became available.  But if you can create a massive following…and the income that goes with it…the full price of $97 is a drop in the bucket!

You have nothing to lose.  Bill McIntosh is still offering a Double Your Money Back guarantee.  If you use Social Video Formula for 30 days and it doesn’t help you create profitable Facebook ads,  all you have to do is show proof that you put into action what the program teaches and he will refund you double what you paid!  So the risk is entirely on him.

Social Video Formula Watch the video now and consider what it could do for your business!

All the best to you!  🙂



Have you ever tried to market using Facebook traffic?  There have been many who have been unbelievably successful with it. (Remember the T-shirt craze over the last year or so?  Wow).  BUT…there have been countless folks who have spent large sums of $$$ trying to figure out how to make a buck with ads on Facebook.

Marketing via Facebook has grown exponentially, which has resulted in 2 things:

#1 – It is harder to get noticed because of all the ads, and

#2 – The price of advertising on Facebook has skyrocketed.

My friend, Bill McIntosh has perfected a new and extremely successful method for marketing using Facebook call Social Video Formula.  People who have been testing it have made lots of sales using a very low advertising budget  Does  spending $5 to make $1600 sound like something you’d like to do?  That’s just one of the case studies you’ll see in the video below.

For the next few days Social Video Formula is available at a very low price.  You owe it to yourself to check it out.  Click on the button below to review the full video and sales page.  You won’t regret it!


After you review the information, how about dropping me a comment below to let me know your thoughts?

Wishing you all the best.  Have a great day!




Video Tracking and MORE!

8/19/15   9:00 PM MDT

Ok…this is it!  You have just 3 hours left to get VooPlayer at a one time payment.  When the timer gets to 0:00, the service will only be available by monthly subscription.

Get it now and save hundreds of dollars over the next few years.  The longer you use it, the more you save!

I truly hope you don’t miss out on this!

To your success! 



8/15/15 Update – Less than 2 days left!

As advertised, the price of VooPlayer went up last night at midnight.  BUT…it’s still available for two more days at “lifetime” pricing.  Then…it becomes a subscription only service.

So, if you have any plans to use video in your promotional campaigns, now is the time to act.  This system can give you incredible tools to help you get the most out or your videos (or anyone else’s!).  And for the next 2 days, you can get it at a price that will save you thousands of dollars over the next several years!

You really don’t want to miss out on VooPlayer at the launch prices.  Take a look below to see what it’s selling for today…and what the annual cost will be after the launch.

VooPlayer pricingYou should also take a look at the comparison with a couple of competitors products.  Even if they were actually ‘equal’, the prices don’t compare at all.

vooplayer comparison 2

Get VooPlayer today before this pricing is gone!

To your success!




Original 8/11/15 post

One of my friends just turned me on to possible the most amazing deal of 2015!

I’m sure you’ve heard things like that said before, but I REALLY MEAN IT!!!

Everyone knows the importance of video in sales presentations these days, not to mention the importance of videos for your site SEO and to get any love at all from Google.  And there have been sooooo many video players and production tools sold over the last several months.

By now you’re saying, “Please…not another video tool.”  I get it!  BUT…

Have you heard of Wistia?  Probably the most widely used video tracking service on the planet. As my friend, Chuck Mullaney, says, “It’s expensive, but I can’t imagine doing my business without it.”  Well, that is until this terrific product showed up on the scene!

VooPlayer 3.0 is AMAZING!

It offers 41 incredible features to get the maximum monetization out of any video.  Use your own or any video you find online and make it a deluxe sales funnel.  And here’s a really amazing thing…many VooPlayer functions work within Facebook!  How great is that!

Some more of the features of this fantastic service are:

[+] A/B Video Split-Testing that works INSIDE Facebook
[+] Remarketing Intelligence™ designed for videos
[+] Streaming Display™ with Smart-Date Scheduling
[+] Hybrid Video Cloud-Hosting™ with Dropbox
[+] Timed Opt-In Boxes, Buttons, forms, and more.
[+] Brand-New User Interface
[+] Advanced Video Analytics with heatmaps

There are so many features, I just can’t list them all.  I just picked it up myself, and I haven’t had time to try it all out.  Right now, for the launch period, they are offering it as a lifetime service.  When the launch is over, they will have it as a monthly subscription and I honestly don’t know what the fees will be.  But I can give you a little comparison…

The ‘W’ service that I listed above has a fee of $100 per month for up to 1000 video plays.  The bottom tier price for VooPlayer includes 25,000 plays per month!

(SPOILER ALERT:  The lifetime price for the Bronze level is under $100…even under $40)

Watch the demo video to see the outstanding features of this service.  I’ll bet you agree with me that it is the best deal of 2015!

If you are currently using video in your marketing efforts, or if you plan to use videos EVER…VooPlayer 3.0 is the smartest purchase you’ll make this year…maybe ever!

Take a look at the video and give me your honest thoughts in the comment section below.

To your success…   Bernard  🙂

Oh, yeah…One more thing for all my friends in the QSC group, here’s another short video that I put together just to show that I can hold the camera the right way!  Hahaha!

Product Update 8/7/15

I had to share this with you!  🙂

I love it when a product owner is responsive to his or her customer requests.  Here’s what happened…

I purchased the Sticky Note Ads plugin, installed it on my site and got some really positive feedback from my visitors.  So I figured I’d request approval as an affiliate…which was granted.  (Yea!)

I sent the following email to the product owner:


On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 1:25 AM, Bernard Moye <email address> wrote:

First, let me say how much I love this plugin!  Really great product.  I like it so much that I signed up as an affiliate and have sold a copy!

Now, I would like to request a minor change or addition to the plugin.

The settings really needs a font that is not so fancy.  Tahoma or Arial would be perfect fonts to be used.  The included fonts are really too flowery and are kind of hard to read when trying to give a message across in the space available.  A very basic font would really help.


I got an email reply telling me that he would contact the developer and relay my suggestion to be considered whenever they might do an update.

I thought that getting the reply was nice, but I really didn’t expect anything to happen for some time, if at all…and I just kind of forgot about it.

Well… I got an email about an hour ago that said:


Subject: Re: Sticky Note Ad Plugin

I have uploaded the latest version of the plugin with fonts as you requested.

Just download it again in the download area you can find inside JVZOO customer account.



How terrific is that!  Heri Rosyadi, you just leaped to the top of my favorite marketer’s list!  Wonderful customer service!  I am proud to represent a few of your products!
And as a bit of info for those of you that purchased the plugin,  they added 4 new sans serif style fonts!  Nice stuff!
If you purchased it, go to your JVZoo products page and access the members area.  Download the updated version, go to your dashboard and deactivate the current version.
***Make sure you DO NOT have a check mark for “deleting all settings data” in the ‘cookies and other settings’ tab.***  (This will assure that the ads you have already created will still exist after deleting the plugin and uploading the new version.  Cool, huh?)
Then delete the plugin, click add new to upload the newer zip file and activate it.  All done!
Then you can play with the new fonts to make some sweet changes to your Sticky Notes!
Have a great day!

List Building…

You know that you can’t listen to any marketing voice online without hearing “the money is in the list”.  And that is a fact!  But what do you do to build that list?

Regardless of what niche you choose when you begin an online business, the number one goal has to be building a responsive email list if you want to have long term success.  Why?  Well, the aim of every successful business is to provide solutions to their customers’ problems.  And you may have a product that is the BEST at solving a particular problem.  But if the only way you can reach your customer is through the search engines, YOU have a problem.  Ranking on the first page of Google is not easy and often, it’s not cheap either.  SEO is time consuming and the rules change all the time.  What worked a year ago may not work today.  What works today, may not work when Google has another algorithm change.  So you might spend a lot of time and money getting to page one only to get bumped to page 300 when the rules change the next time. Building a list assures that you can always reach your visitors and customers.

You can build your list in many different ways, many of which are completely free!  You MUST have an optin on your page for people to sign up for your list.  Make sure to have several things that encourage your visitors to sign up.  Offer a valuable gift to those who sign up for your emails.

Some other good method include posting solid information of other blogs, participating in discussion groups on topics that align with your niche, sharing information on forums, etc.  NOTE:  When you do these, please make sure your comments are not junk or spam.  Getting your site out there for others to see should to be in a manner that will entice them to visit your site.  Posting garbage will have the opposite effect.

You can participate in some of the giveaway programs.  These can be free or you can get a little better placement with your gifts if you pay a small fee in the promotion.  These can certainly get you some subscribers, but they may not be the best quality for your list.  These can get a lot of freebie seekers.  But it’s worth a shot.  If you get 100 subscribers and 2 or 3 of them end up being customers, it was worth the effort.  (Incidentally, there are a couple of current giveaways listed in the sidebar here.  And there’s some great free information available for you.  It might be worth your time to check them out.)

You can do paid list building by posting banner ads on high traffic sites.  The fees vary, but some are pretty inexpensive and can produce some good results.

Solo ads are another good way to get subscribers.  You will have to do some research to find out where to get the best pricing and to find the most reputable sources, but the results can be excellent!

This is an important topic and one that I will revisit in future posts.


Sign up for my list and I’ll be sure to get you some more information on this!  I’ll be sending an ebook with many other methods to the folks on my list!

(I told you it was a shameless promotion…Hahaha!)

Until next time…