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The information on this page is here to help you find your ‘niche’.

There are quite a number of ways to make money online.  Sometimes, it just requires a little nudge to get you going on a particular method.  There are people making a living doing some really unusual things online.  If you ever doubt that, just go check out the things that are available for $5 at and prepare to be amazed.  Honestly, I don’t know how they can do some of things they offer for just $5, as many of the gigs are truly worth far more than that!

But the idea is that your potential for making money online is limited only by your imagination.  There are those that would say ‘find an area where people are spending money and put yourself in that flow of traffic.’  Yes, that is definitely how to earn money.  BUT…what if the place you find them spending money is golf (and trust me there is a lot of money spent on golf!), and you would rather jump to your death from a bridge than have anything to do or say about golf?  Then I would tell you that you need to avoid that niche regardless of how much money is being spent there.  You MUST find something that even if it isn’t your greatest passion, it is at least something that you like and have an interest in if you plan to be successful in that area.

Before you set out to build an online empire, sit down with a pen and paper and think about what it is that really lights your fire.  Perhaps your passion is gardening.  Maybe it is your dog or cat that really fascinates you.  Look around facebook and see how many fan pages there are for different breeds of dogs or cats.  Even dogs or cats in the generic sense have lots of people that live and breathe because of them.  People love their pets.  So a blog about Great Danes, for example,  could certainly be a really good traffic source.  And you could make money by having affiliate offers on your blog for dog training courses or maybe a CPA (cost per action) offer where you get paid if someone puts in their email address for more information on say veterinary services, or get a commission if someone clicks your link to purchase dog biscuits on

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2 thoughts on “General Marketing Info

  1. Well Said Bernard,
    I agree that you should select a niche that you are at least a bit interested in. If we are not interested in a niche, we get bored and are not able to write more about various topics related to that niche.

    I think we can select niche by a simple process.

    We can jot down the following:
    1) 10 topics we are good at,
    2) 10 topics others say we are good at
    3) 10 topics we are interested in

    After doing this we select 3 best topics in each category
    And after selecting 3 each we can select a topic to start from the 9 topics.

    We also have an advantage here, we get 9 different topics to choose from, which we are interested in and also we have topics for out future blogs after successfully starting one.

    1. Thanks for your input, Kuunal. I like your niche selection process. It gives a solid way to determine which direction to go and that is something that many people struggle with when they first get started. I particularly like #2 because if others say you’re good at it, it means you are able to reach them on those topics. And if that’s the case, you’re already on your way. The way to be successful online is to be able to communicate with others in a way that reaches them.

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