List Building – Part 2

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The other day, I talked a bit about list building and the importance of it to your long success.  Today, I want to take it just a step further with regard to one of the giveaway programs.  Currently, I have links to 3 of them in the sidebar on the right side of this page.  But I wish to expand a little on one of them.  Below you will see one of the email swipes that they provide contributors to promote the giveaway.  I’m putting it in this post because the FREE VIDEOS that are talked about in the copy are actually pretty good!  I haven’t viewed them all…just a small sample of what’s included, but the ones I have viewed actually are quite good at step-by-step training on different topics involved in putting up and adjusting a WordPress site and all the details involved in doing that.  Perhaps you’re already an expert at WordPress, but if you’re not, there is a lot of really good information in those videos.  The topics range from helping you with your organizational skills, to using FTP, to installing WordPress with Fantastico (which is being discontinued in some hosting services) or other scripts, to installing WordPress manually (not as hard as it sounds…but also not quite ‘push button’ operation either).

Included is a tutorial on product creation, all the way from a simple PDF report to creating a simple but effective sales funnel.

I think you might find this worthwhile if you have any issues when it comes to TECH stuff.  And after all, it is FREE!

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To your online success,
Bernard Moye

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