Millionaire Within

Have you ever heard the name E. Brian Rose? Here’s a hint…he’s the co-founder of JVZoo…one of the largest affiliate networks in the world.  Chances are you have a dashboard on JVZoo if you have purchased anything having to do with internet marketing in the last few years.

Well, Brian has written a book entitled ‘Millionaire Within’ which details how he went from being an affiliate to where he is today.  It’s not one of those books you’re so used to seeing…the ones on how to become wealthy in your underwear…but instead gives all the details of his journey, good and bad.  (Yep!  That’s right!  He didn’t get there buy purchasing a Magic  Button!)

Book Photo

Another thing that makes this one different is that it is a physical book.  You’ll still have access to a digital version, but if you’re like me, you miss being able to curl up with a book, read it in the bathtub without worrying about getting water on it, and without fear of your battery going dead!

You might want to consider checking this one out.  It’s not often that someone in the I.M. niche offers to give you the whole story on how he got there.  There will also be an On Demand training on how to build authority (which is getting more important daily to make sales on the web!).

Don’t miss this one.  And enjoy holding a book in your hands again!  LOL

Click here to get ‘Millionaire Within’.

To your success,

Bernard Moye

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