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On this page you will find products that have just recently been released have some very special pricing for a limited time.  Just so you’ll know, I do get compensated as an affiliate for any purchases made.  But…I will NOT promote anything just for a commission.  If I don’t honestly feel the product is of value and can be used to help you in your business, you won’t find it listed here.  That’s a promise!


Have you heard about a new plugin called Video Overplay?

If you’re involved in anything on the internet today, you have certainly heard about the value of video on your site.  It improves your ranking with the search engines, engages your visitors more than just text or photos, and improves your TOS  (time on site) stats.  All very cool stuff.

BUT…many folks have a hard time putting together videos, either from the content or the technical aspects.  I get it…I have the same problems!

How would you like to be able to use ANY video you find on YouTube on your site to engage your visitors but have it benefit your business?  If that sounds impossible, watch the video below.  This is a really awesome plugin for the potential it offers!

If you’re interested, click here to find out more!

Till next time!  🙂



 This one is here because you asked about it!  🙂

This product is a WordPress plugin that lets you have a custom ‘Post-It Note’ show up on your page when a visitor drops in.  You saw is displayed on my page when you arrived here!

screen clipIt’s pretty flexible, allowing you to choose various styles, colors…even have a photo for the background.  You can have it drop a cookie on your visitors computer so that it shows up only after a set number of days, or you can have it show up every time.  Since it is easy for someone to click past, I don’t find it to be one of those obnoxious things that block your view until you do what the site owner wants.

You can put any message you’d like on the ‘sticky’.  You can have it clickable to direct someone to your optin page, a sales page, your ‘about me’ page…anything.

stickynotes-medI think it’s a really sweet plugin and it’s inexpensive!  (Doesn’t get better that that!  Haha!)

If you’re interested in learning more, click here or on either of the images shown on the page.

Hope you like it!  Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Product Just Released

  1. Hi Bernard,

    Took a chance and picked up Video Over Play .

    Cindy puts out some awesome products. Can’t wait to
    try it out.

    ArtaGene from
    FB Quick Start Challenge.

    1. Thanks, ArtaGene! I hope you enjoy the plugin and that it helps on your site. I’m still getting comfortable with it, so I’m not quite ready to put my handiwork up live on the web yet. I’ll drop a link in the FB group when it’s done so you can check it out. And I’d appreciate it if you would do likewise.
      Have a great day!

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