Product Update 8/7/15

I had to share this with you!  🙂

I love it when a product owner is responsive to his or her customer requests.  Here’s what happened…

I purchased the Sticky Note Ads plugin, installed it on my site and got some really positive feedback from my visitors.  So I figured I’d request approval as an affiliate…which was granted.  (Yea!)

I sent the following email to the product owner:


On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 1:25 AM, Bernard Moye <email address> wrote:

First, let me say how much I love this plugin!  Really great product.  I like it so much that I signed up as an affiliate and have sold a copy!

Now, I would like to request a minor change or addition to the plugin.

The settings really needs a font that is not so fancy.  Tahoma or Arial would be perfect fonts to be used.  The included fonts are really too flowery and are kind of hard to read when trying to give a message across in the space available.  A very basic font would really help.


I got an email reply telling me that he would contact the developer and relay my suggestion to be considered whenever they might do an update.

I thought that getting the reply was nice, but I really didn’t expect anything to happen for some time, if at all…and I just kind of forgot about it.

Well… I got an email about an hour ago that said:


Subject: Re: Sticky Note Ad Plugin

I have uploaded the latest version of the plugin with fonts as you requested.

Just download it again in the download area you can find inside JVZOO customer account.



How terrific is that!  Heri Rosyadi, you just leaped to the top of my favorite marketer’s list!  Wonderful customer service!  I am proud to represent a few of your products!
And as a bit of info for those of you that purchased the plugin,  they added 4 new sans serif style fonts!  Nice stuff!
If you purchased it, go to your JVZoo products page and access the members area.  Download the updated version, go to your dashboard and deactivate the current version.
***Make sure you DO NOT have a check mark for “deleting all settings data” in the ‘cookies and other settings’ tab.***  (This will assure that the ads you have already created will still exist after deleting the plugin and uploading the new version.  Cool, huh?)
Then delete the plugin, click add new to upload the newer zip file and activate it.  All done!
Then you can play with the new fonts to make some sweet changes to your Sticky Notes!
Have a great day!

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