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The products below are items that may make your marketing tasks easier. Please review each carefully before making a decision to purchase.

I am an affiliate for the products listed and will receive monetary compensation should you choose to purchase any of them. But my selection of the products is based solely upon my belief that the products provide a functionality that may help you in your marketing efforts. Should you find a product that you are particularly pleased with, please tell everyone about it in a blog post. Additionally, if you find something problematic with one of the products, please note that in a post as well. The idea for these posts is to help your fellow marketing trainees.

Wishing each of you the very best!

Bernard Moye

Info Cash

Info Cash was created by Chris Carpenter.  He created a product called Google Cash about 10 years ago that changed internet marketing when he released it.  His new product will teach you to do affiliate marketing via Facebook.  He also teaches you several methods to drive traffic to your ads (paid and free!). You may or may not know about Microsoft being a big investor in Facebook.  Because of this, there’s a strong relationship with Facebook and Bing, which opens up some great marketing opportunities…and Bing is much friendlier to marketers than Google.   You’ll find some really valuable training to get you going with your marketing efforts.  Chris offers a 60 day guarantee with your purchase, so you really have no reason to not try it.  One thing that I found delightful in his promo is that the OTO (One Time Offer, also know as an upsell) that he promotes with the base product is right there on the opening page  with the base offer.  How often does THAT happen?  So go ahead and check it out.  It might be just what you’re looking for to get you on your way.   I wish you nothing but success!  🙂

One note…the video is pretty long, so don’t start reviewing it if you don’t have a reasonable amount of time available.  Thought you’d want to know… B

Info Cash Promo Photo

This product WILL change your business!




2 thoughts on “Recommended Products

  1. Hi Bernard

    I like the way you are very upfront about being an affiliate for the products you promote. Have you tried info cash product yourself?

    Keep building on the momentum built up during the QSC, and good luck with your marketing journey.

    1. Hi, Tom –
      I will always be up front with folks. Hiding things only leads to troubles down the road. And there’s no shame in saying you represent a given product or a line of products. As long as I represent good products and keep an ethical manner in the representation, I can live with myself.
      No, I have not actually used the Info Cash product. I recommend it because it is a valid business model and is sold by a guy, Chris Carpenter, who has been on the scene for 15+ years (and was also highly recommended by a friend of mine who knows Chris personally and has worked with him). With him offering a 60 day money back guarantee combined with the fact that it is sold through ClickBank, I think it’s a fair and very secure way for someone new to online marketing to get their feet wet without having to wander through the slick sales videos done on the yachts, mansions, etc.
      Thanks for you comments. Look forward to having you drop by again! 🙂

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