Succeeding with Facebook Traffic

Sooo… The launch ended and the price did go up to $97.  So what?  Sure, it costs more than when it first became available.  But if you can create a massive following…and the income that goes with it…the full price of $97 is a drop in the bucket!

You have nothing to lose.  Bill McIntosh is still offering a Double Your Money Back guarantee.  If you use Social Video Formula for 30 days and it doesn’t help you create profitable Facebook ads,  all you have to do is show proof that you put into action what the program teaches and he will refund you double what you paid!  So the risk is entirely on him.

Social Video Formula Watch the video now and consider what it could do for your business!

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Have you ever tried to market using Facebook traffic?  There have been many who have been unbelievably successful with it. (Remember the T-shirt craze over the last year or so?  Wow).  BUT…there have been countless folks who have spent large sums of $$$ trying to figure out how to make a buck with ads on Facebook.

Marketing via Facebook has grown exponentially, which has resulted in 2 things:

#1 – It is harder to get noticed because of all the ads, and

#2 – The price of advertising on Facebook has skyrocketed.

My friend, Bill McIntosh has perfected a new and extremely successful method for marketing using Facebook call Social Video Formula.  People who have been testing it have made lots of sales using a very low advertising budget  Does  spending $5 to make $1600 sound like something you’d like to do?  That’s just one of the case studies you’ll see in the video below.

For the next few days Social Video Formula is available at a very low price.  You owe it to yourself to check it out.  Click on the button below to review the full video and sales page.  You won’t regret it!


After you review the information, how about dropping me a comment below to let me know your thoughts?

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