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What’s Your Why?

What’s your why?

That always seems like such a strange question to folks.  But in reality, it is the very essence of success in any endeavor.  If you have a strong focus on why you’re working towards something, your probability of success is greatly enhanced.

Suppose you’re starting a new business.  You’ve chosen a product, a location (either brick and mortar or on the web), found sourcing at a favorable price, determined where you need to set the selling price to be competitive and yet still get a decent profit.  Basically, you have all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed.  But… Why are you doing it in the first place?  Is your only goal money?  If so, you probably need to do something else.  Everyone can find a way to make money.  From the kid that opens a lemonaide stand to the guy that starts a restaurant franchise…they all found a way to make money.

What’s the difference between Whya local burger joint and the national franchise?  Usually, assuming that both are successful, it’s the size of the dream that the person who started it has in his mind. If the local fellow thought, “I want to start a restaurant that serves good food at a fair price that can make my patrons happy and want to come back”, he might be very successful.  But his dream is rather limited.  He might have good food, happy customers and a fair amount of repeat business.  He would be labeled a success.

But then you have the man who dreams of having an ultra-successful restaurant, with food that is on par with the best in the world, and who dreams of turning it into a franchise that will allow many people to duplicate his success and with happy customers nationwide or perhaps even worldwide, and that because of his ‘product’, hundreds of thousands of people have a good job with unlimited potential.  If he achieves what he wants, he’ll certainly be labeled a success, and many people will benefit from his dream.

Both have achieved success, but the scale is very different.  The ‘product’ is virtually the same.  But the results are massively different because of the dream.  Because of the answer to the question, “What is your why?”

I’m not saying that one was not as successful as the other.  Both achieved what they were looking for.  But the overall level of their success was determined by their ‘Why’.

So, you can be successful.  You can be ultra-successful.  But the determining factor on whether or not you succeed and how great a success you are able to achieve is quite likely your answer to “What is your why?”

The human mind is truly amazing.  It can envision things that have never been done before.  It was the human mind that came up with the airplane, the automobile, space flight, the computer, and every other thing that has made improvements to our lives.  Someone imagined it before it was created.  But to make it go from just a thought to actual existence, it required an individual to focus on his ‘why’ in order to progress from just a simple dream to reality.

As you dream about your next product, physical or digital, you need to decide ‘why’.  Why do I want to do this?  Why will it make a difference in people’s lives?  Why would they want to buy it or use it.  Why…?

If you dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Take some time to dream.  You can create something awesome if you dream big enough and you have a ‘why’ to make you push forward when everyone around you expresses doubt.

You can do it!

So again, I’ll aks you…What’s your why?

To your success…