Video Tracking and MORE!

8/19/15   9:00 PM MDT

Ok…this is it!  You have just 3 hours left to get VooPlayer at a one time payment.  When the timer gets to 0:00, the service will only be available by monthly subscription.

Get it now and save hundreds of dollars over the next few years.  The longer you use it, the more you save!

I truly hope you don’t miss out on this!

To your success! 



8/15/15 Update – Less than 2 days left!

As advertised, the price of VooPlayer went up last night at midnight.  BUT…it’s still available for two more days at “lifetime” pricing.  Then…it becomes a subscription only service.

So, if you have any plans to use video in your promotional campaigns, now is the time to act.  This system can give you incredible tools to help you get the most out or your videos (or anyone else’s!).  And for the next 2 days, you can get it at a price that will save you thousands of dollars over the next several years!

You really don’t want to miss out on VooPlayer at the launch prices.  Take a look below to see what it’s selling for today…and what the annual cost will be after the launch.

VooPlayer pricingYou should also take a look at the comparison with a couple of competitors products.  Even if they were actually ‘equal’, the prices don’t compare at all.

vooplayer comparison 2

Get VooPlayer today before this pricing is gone!

To your success!




Original 8/11/15 post

One of my friends just turned me on to possible the most amazing deal of 2015!

I’m sure you’ve heard things like that said before, but I REALLY MEAN IT!!!

Everyone knows the importance of video in sales presentations these days, not to mention the importance of videos for your site SEO and to get any love at all from Google.  And there have been sooooo many video players and production tools sold over the last several months.

By now you’re saying, “Please…not another video tool.”  I get it!  BUT…

Have you heard of Wistia?  Probably the most widely used video tracking service on the planet. As my friend, Chuck Mullaney, says, “It’s expensive, but I can’t imagine doing my business without it.”  Well, that is until this terrific product showed up on the scene!

VooPlayer 3.0 is AMAZING!

It offers 41 incredible features to get the maximum monetization out of any video.  Use your own or any video you find online and make it a deluxe sales funnel.  And here’s a really amazing thing…many VooPlayer functions work within Facebook!  How great is that!

Some more of the features of this fantastic service are:

[+] A/B Video Split-Testing that works INSIDE Facebook
[+] Remarketing Intelligence™ designed for videos
[+] Streaming Display™ with Smart-Date Scheduling
[+] Hybrid Video Cloud-Hosting™ with Dropbox
[+] Timed Opt-In Boxes, Buttons, forms, and more.
[+] Brand-New User Interface
[+] Advanced Video Analytics with heatmaps

There are so many features, I just can’t list them all.  I just picked it up myself, and I haven’t had time to try it all out.  Right now, for the launch period, they are offering it as a lifetime service.  When the launch is over, they will have it as a monthly subscription and I honestly don’t know what the fees will be.  But I can give you a little comparison…

The ‘W’ service that I listed above has a fee of $100 per month for up to 1000 video plays.  The bottom tier price for VooPlayer includes 25,000 plays per month!

(SPOILER ALERT:  The lifetime price for the Bronze level is under $100…even under $40)

Watch the demo video to see the outstanding features of this service.  I’ll bet you agree with me that it is the best deal of 2015!

If you are currently using video in your marketing efforts, or if you plan to use videos EVER…VooPlayer 3.0 is the smartest purchase you’ll make this year…maybe ever!

Take a look at the video and give me your honest thoughts in the comment section below.

To your success…   Bernard  🙂

Oh, yeah…One more thing for all my friends in the QSC group, here’s another short video that I put together just to show that I can hold the camera the right way!  Hahaha!

2 thoughts on “Video Tracking and MORE!

  1. You’re right Bernard, VooPlayer is an awesome piece of kit and will certainly give anyone using it an extra edge. I’ve been following Peter Beattie for a while now, he knows video marketing like the back of his hand, so anything that he launches will be useful and relevant. good luck 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment, Michael. I’ve been watching what Peter has been doing for the last couple of years and he is on top of video marketing…really knows his stuff. When I saw the incredible features of VooPlayer, combined with the terrific pricing structure, I had to share it with folks. We all hear about the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities, and I think this truly is one for anyone involved in online marketing.
      See you around! 😉

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