WordPress Security

Have you ever had your site hacked? 

If so, what did it cost you? This isn’t always an easy question to answer, because there are many different reasons for why a site is hacked.

Sometimes, it’s just a hacker trying to prove to himself and others that he CAN hack a site…and yours just ended up being the unlucky target.  With this type of hack, your site might just have your information deleted or a redirect to a funny (or not so funny!) image. It could be somewhat harmless, except that it costs you time to repair the damage and money if your site is your source of income.  When it’s down, you’re out of business!

When the hacker is more of the malicious type, your problems expand exponentially!

The damage that can be done can take the form of stealing your traffic…redirecting it to another site; perhaps stealing your affiliate commissions by replacing your links with ones of their own; they might install malicious code that spreads viruses to your page visitors’ computers; and they might use your site to send spam from your web address which can get you banned from email inboxes.  Considering the importance of your email to your business, this is a terrible situation.  It could end your business!

So, it is critical that you take some steps to protect your site and your business.  There are a number of steps that you can implement and I’ll talk about the more difficult ones in another post.  Today, I want to share something that I found and have implemented on this site.  It’s quick, easy and verrrry effective.

Have you heard of botnets?  Hackers use an army of bots to attack WordPress sites.  And we’re talking an army of thousands!  They attempt to login via your wp-admin and they hammer that login with the purpose of either gaining access to your site OR causing it to crash!  And if it crashes, your site is extremely vulnerable.

Now, there are plugins that you can install to prevent excessive login attempts.  Most of those are based upon preventing endless logins from a given IP address.  But what I’m going to show you today is a simple plugin that prevents the bots from even reaching your login page.  It takes advantage of the fact that bots are programmed to do one thing and one thing only…use brute force to login to your site.  But bots have a problem that’s a real plus for our side.  Bots can’t read!

Introducing WP BotBlocker.  An easy to install and use WordPress plugin that protects your sites from 99% of hackers and bots.  An effective 1 – Click Solution to protect your WordPress websites.

WP BotBlocker

How many times have you come across a capcha?  Not sure what that is?  Have you ever gotten ready to access a purchase or a member site and come across something like this…

capcha image

This is a capcha.  It prevents a bot from passing the page because it requires the the image be read and the information entered into the box.  Since it is an image and not text, it can’t be copied and pasted.  In one simple step, the bot attacks are crippled!  Pretty cool, huh? 

I know that sometimes capchas can be a real pain in the neck…(and many of us have lower opinions LOL).  But this one is pretty sweet.  It doesn’t have any extraneous stuff mixed in with the image so you don’t get bogged down with multiple images having to be generated before you get one YOU can read.  I know how frustrating that can be.  But I assure you that since I installed this plugin on this site, I have not had a single instance that required a regeneration of the image for me to log in.  If it had, I would likely be looking for another method of protection.

There are other plugins that do what WP Bot Blocker does, but not nearly with the ease and simplicity that it offers.  This is truly a 1-Click Solution.  Upload the plugin to your dashboard, activate it and you’re done.  It does its work from then on.  No settigns…no adjustments…no problems!  You’re protected from 99% of the hackers and bots out there trying to get into your site.

ALSO…this is a plugin with an unlimited site license.  Buy it once and use it on every one of your WordPress sites.

This is one that I truly recommend that you add to your sites.  Easy installation and then worry-free blogging after that.  You’ll be happy you got your hands on this one!

If you’d like to see a short demo, click on the video link below.